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CIO & IT Leadership Practice

From many conversations with clients and interim executives it is clear to us that one of the key constituents for recovery and renewal for businesses in this environment is first class technology leadership to achieve rapid change and growth.

PILOTpartners’ focus on private equity portfolios and turnarounds in the UK and international locations therefore demands access to a panel of deeply experienced Chief Information/Technology Officers & IT Leaders who can quickly be deployed to drive change across all major sectors and markets in situations of both expansion and contraction. This is true for both large business systems as the pervasive developments in ECommerce, Cloud , Mobile & Social Media continue .
Businesses cannot take risks with unproven directors. They need people who have been there before and achieved successful outcomes. This is the strength of the PILOTpartners business model – using tried and tested senior executives for challenging and difficult situations and business transformation projects.

What are we looking for in a successful CIO?

  • Deep experience preferably at or near board level.
  • Multi-sector coverage.
  • Demonstrable expertise in managing projects in difficult and recovery / growth situations.
  • Experience of running projects across borders (if possible).
  • Experience in handling diverse stakeholders, advisers and other interested parties.
  • Can manage people, process & politics effectively
  • Demonstrate gaining stakeholder buy in and positioning IT as a business enabler
  • Commitment to the completion of the project with flexibility in its execution.
  • Great with people including experience of mentoring and developing others.
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