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CRO & Turnaround Practice

PILOTpartners is the only source of independent executives with a ring-fenced, individually vetted, specialist panel of about 300 with demonstrable professional, functional and operational expertise in turnarounds, business transformation and restructuring situations.
We are used to handling appointments on behalf of all stakeholder groups.

What is a CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer)?
We have seen many interpretations and have tried to get it right in writing ourselves but believe that we can do no better than to commend the article ‘What is a CRO?’ by leading turnaround practitioner Ian Gray Download the pdf here ».

The PILOTpartners CRO & Turnaround Practice is divided into two core groups:
I – Turnaround Leaders
Chief Restructuring Officers operating in the UK and internationally – about 100 executives.
II – Turnaround Leaders
Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers and others with extensive experience of ‘heavy lifting’ and running operational turnarounds in the UK and internationally – about 200 executives.

In addition to these core groups we also offer other senior executives with experience of managing critical parts of turnaround projects in e.g. supply chain/logistics, human resources, production transfer, property, refocusing marketing, systems recovery etc. – about 150 executives.

Turnaround executives are normally available on a full time but temporary basis. In many cases, however, especially where there are cash constraints or when the issues are not immediately life threatening, an independent executive can operate on a part time basis e.g. Chairman or in a specific advisory, observer or mentoring/support role.

PILOTpartners also supports stakeholders requiring an experienced, independent pair of eyes “to have a quick look at a business” where, for example, underperformance or working capital issues are worsening and/or as a condition of further lending or other financial support.

Many of our most challenging assignments are ‘Quick Fixes’ where seemingly intractable problems can be resolved readily by an experienced CRO or Turnaround Leader by, for example, producing accurate cash flows and forecasts, sorting out onerous leases, managing cost reduction projects or releasing cash through improving working capital.

Uniquely, PILOTpartners also manages specialist turnaround panels on behalf of the restructuring departments of major accounting firms.

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