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First 100 Days Projects

PILOTpartners supports investors needing to accelerate and extract maximum value from a new or restructured investment.

First 100 Days Projects are a tried, tested and intensive methodology for optimising the inherent strengths & resolving obvious weaknesses in a transaction. Successful project management needs the acceptance of incumbent management and nearly always the introduction of highly skilled external expertise to assist with strategy, to manage work streams and to ensure the delivery of the project on time & budget alongside senior and middle managers.

PILOTpartners builds a tailor made project management team adopting a modular approach which delivers the following benefits:

Pre-deal advisory

  • Commercial Due Diligence
    Senior executives within depth sector/country knowledge quickly identify key value opportunities and skeletons in the cupboard in a prospective investment, especially in emerging markets and/or stressed situations.
  • Pre-deal evaluation
    Overlooked or intractable issues can be discovered, addressed and dealt with. Business plans can be amended to reflect revised goals, incentives, management strengths etc. Cash and earnings improvements can be driven hard.

Post-deal implementation

  • First 100 Days Project Management
    Key elements of the business plan and ‘quick wins’ which were indentified pre-deal can be implemented with corrective actions quickly determined, especially during the critical First 100 days post acquisition.
  • Correcting Underperformance
    Any performance or strategic deviations from the business plan can be aggressively addressed, along with any management changes; any necessary business repositioning can be instigated.
  • Exit Management
    Maximising value to stakeholders by focusing on the exit – cleaning up the balance sheet, disposing of non-core businesses, improving financial reporting and controls etc.
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