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Permanent, Interim & Non-Executive Directors and Senior Management Recruitment.

M&A and Disposals Projects

As the UK economy recovers it is clear that the appetite for IPO’s and M&A activity generally is improving. This is also the case internationally but the opportunities differ considerably from region to region.

PILOTpartners has many years of experience sourcing independent executives to support boards and/or direct sales and disposals for clients – both in terms of high growth and distressed situations. We work with our partners around the world to achieve successful solutions wherever the target business is located.


The more work which has been done to satisfy the requirements of potential investors and their advisers the better. So, for example, having a well conceived development plan, an up to date Data Room, in-house MIS that functions effectively and of course a competent & credible management team are all really important. However such opportunities for significant change occur rarely, therefore most companies will need to set up a number of new project teams to prepare an entity for sale or a listing. Independent executives sourced through PILOTpartners will accelerate timescales and provide expert leadership managing work streams and advisers and stakeholders.


PILOTpartners introduces high level independent executives to provide the following services in the pre-acquisition process:

  • Commercial Due Diligence – – sector expertise; risk analysis; competitor & market analysis & intelligence; MIS & customer reviews etc.
  • Executive and NED change planning.
  • Business growth & change planning.
  • Integration (& disintegration) planning
  • As often as not, an executive introduced by PILOTpartners engaged in this work is ideally placed to join the company full time or as a NED on completion.
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