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Permanent, Interim & Non-Executive Directors and Senior Management Recruitment.

Chairman & Non-Executive Practice (‘CANE’)

In challenging times, businesses more than ever need experienced leadership and wise independent counsel. PILOTpartners has assembled (and continuously recruits to) a panel of senior experienced Chairmen and Non–Executives (‘CANE’). We work continuously with CANE to ensure that we have the talent and experience to meet our clients’ needs.

Members of CANE will share these characteristics:

  • Demonstrable leadership skills, particularly in challenging situations.
  • Deep experience of their sector/s
  • Ability to provide sound and rapid commercial evaluation of a business
  • Experience of handling diverse stakeholders and advisers, particularly in a private equity portfolio situation
  • Proven organisational skills
  • Top class mentoring experience
  • A track record of strategy development and a commitment to timely completion
  • Keen awareness of corporate governance guidelines

Corporate Governance Review

As part of its service to clients, PILOTpartners offers a Corporate Governance Review. This takes the form of a semi–structured set of interviews with board members leading to a full report to the Chairman (or relevant stakeholder) covering;

  • Definition of governance roles
  • Identification of key board functions
  • Improving board processes
  • A plan for continuous improvement

The aim of the Review is to assist boards in ensuring that they are carrying out their governance obligations and making the most of the talents available to them. The proposition that boards should understand and manage their own performance has become a global trend, and boards are coming under increasing pressure to recognise and correct corporate governance problems. This review will act as a measure of board’s ability to achieve this.

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