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Peer Executives & High Level Board Support

It is not unusual to find the Executive Directors (particularly CFO’s) working at a high degree of stress, with demands on their time and capabilities which have been unexpected and intense.
In particular we have seen this with:

  • Companies with excess leverage and/or debt and seemingly nowhere to turn for support in the current environment.
  • Dysfunctional boards where the individuals operate in silos.
  • Smaller listed plc’s coping with both day to day work stress – such as working capital & stakeholder pressures – and also the rigours of governance and regulation etc.

PILOTpartners offers an expert service to boards and stakeholders – Peer Executives.

A Peer Executive supports executive directors in the following ways either full time or part time but always on a temporary basis, at a high level and in an independent capacity:


  • Temporary job sharing – taking responsibility for projects or parts of the executive’s job which cannot realistically be handled, for the moment, by one person. The most common contexts here are pre-IPO or an M&A project or where either a financial or operational restructuring is being undertaken and an experienced CFO is needed to take responsibility for managing liquidity, stakeholders and advisors through the project.
  • Stress busting – bringing in an experienced interim executive on a temporary, full or part time basis, to work alongside an executive or the whole board to transform weakness or dysfunctionality into a cohesive, effective unit towards agreed objectives.
  • Coaching less experienced executives either through crisis or in the early stages of the new job – especially valuable when dealing with City relationships & presentations for the first time.
  • Dealing with overseas divisions or distant subsidiaries where strong bi-lingual or bi-cultural skills are essential. Such a context could include business/systems integrations, acquisitions & disposals, challenging local financial reporting or taking responsibility for due diligence projects.


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